Family Tavern Mikelatos Scandinavia

For over 30 years the family MIKELATOS and restaurant Scandinavia have become famous for their hospitality and good homemade cooking.

All these years, thousands of tourists have the best comments for the family MIKELATOS and their restaurant. All friends and customers have always wondered why a purely Greek restaurant is called Scandinavia. And here’s the answer.

Nikos, the father of the family, left the island in the 50′ and worked for many years as a cook, in a Norwegian ship. He traveled around the world and for some time he took his wife Regina with him. When they returned to the island and built the restaurant, and called Scandinavia because he worked hard for years in Norway.

Despite its name, you will find in the restaurant good Greek food, many traditional dishes, homemade recipes and vegetarian food. And when the night comes at the hotel bar you can enjoy exotic cocktails and dance until dawn.

Specially designed room for non-smokers

Open all week since 8:00 am to 1:00.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

We organize wedding parties

Birthday cakes after order

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