Ferentinata is a village in the northern Kefalonia and belongs to the former municipality of Pylaros. It has about 140 residents, is built at an altitude of 200m and is from Sami about 11 km.

Grand festival in Ferentinata held every year on 6th of August, in the festival of the Savior. Do not forget also, if you find yourself in Ferentinata to visit Panagia in Krini and cool off from “pyrgyro”, the natural surface water source that flows and is located in a central point in the village.

Ferentinata was the home of socialist journalist Marinos Antipas. He was one of the pioneers of the agrarian movement in Greece. He left the peaceful and abundant life in the village and he went to live in the resource of the problem, in Thessaly, where laborers of land suffered. The action between the crofters, the impoverished workers of Thessaly, and the principles of freedom, equality and brotherhood applied himself to the farm, where he worked as a janitor, led to his murder by the big landowners of the region, in 1907.

The statue of Marinos Antipas is currently in the main street of Fernetinata.


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