Iakovatios Library of Lixouri

There are a lot of things to admire in Iakovatios Library of Lixouri: thousands of books dating from the early 16th century to today, a museum of objects from Kefalonia from the same period, a yard available for cultural events, but also the building itself, a neoclassical masterpiece of the 19th century!

The building along with its contents was donated to the Greek public by the family Tipaldos – Iakovatos , one of the prominent families of Kefalonia. The library is housed on the ground floor of the building while the second floor houses the exhibits of Typaldos’ family: furniture, paintings and objects of inestimable value. The collection of books includes 6500 volumes of publications from 1516 to 1890. Apart from Tipaldos – Iakovatos’ family other prominent families of Kefalonia such as Alivizatos, Lampiris and Loverdos donated their collections. The manuscripts Section of the Museum include the Gospels on parchment from the 13th century and the complete works of Plato (Venice edition 1556).


Address: Tulle Ekaterini 1 28200, Lixouri

Telephone: 26710 91325


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