Karavados is a beautiful village of about 430 inhabitants. It is located in the province of Livatho (municipality on the island until 2010) of the municipality Kefalonia, in the south of the island. The houses, streets, churches of the village are very tidy and well groomed and make Karavados to look even more beautiful.

Karavados is considered «Kapetanochori» of Kefalonia, as many of its residents deal with the sea, either as fishermen or sailors, which was going on “forever”. An iron anchor in the center of the village is a monument dedicated to “the village of its lost seamen”, as is written in the engraved inscription.

In Karavados, you will also Iroo of the village, with the metal eagle on top, but also a source of running water. The village’s church is dedicated to the memory of Saints Constantine and Helen stands out: the building is painted dark red, with white details and visible and audible even Venetian features in its architecture. Inside, you will see the unique marble temple church in Kefalonia, a unique artifact of great value.

What makes Karavados attractive to summer visitors, is above all the sandy beach of St. Thomas. Essentially, there are two beaches, separated by some rocks. The waters are crystal clear and will get there even walk from the village. In Karavados, you will find numerous tourist accommodations of various grades to choose what suits to you.


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