Korgalenio Historical and Folklore Museum of Argostoli

Everyday objects of people of Kefalonia, furniture, tools, appliances, artwork, religious artifacts and historical documents are the objects housed in the halls of Korgialenio Historical and Folklore Museum of Argostoli. It was created in 1963 on the ground floor of Korgalenios Library and covers the entire modern history of Kefalonia: the Venetian conquest until the destruction of the earthquake in 1953. The permanent exhibition is divided in sections of urban and rural, ecclesiastical art and urban design. The collection of Byzantine icons of Charokopos and the Collection of Francis and Stephen Vallianos are exhibited separately. The consistency of the exhibition halls of the museum gives the visitor the feeling of visiting a real local home of past centuries and not a museum!


The informational library and archives of the Museum are available to guests.

Opening hours: 9:00 am-14: 00 pm daily

Museum may operate on Sundays during the summer period.

Tickets: 3 euros per person, 2 euros for groups over 20 people, free entrance for children and students.

Below there is the list of the exhibits of the museum, as published on its website:

List of exhibits and documents of Corgialenios Historical and Folklore Museum.

1. Historical documents in photocopies of records of England – France – Italy.

2. Portraits, oil paintings, collections of personal objects of historical persons.

3. Objects, porcelane, silverware.

4. Embroidery, utensils of country life.

5. Representation of bedroom.

6. Aquarelles, lithographs, maps, stamps, drawings of churches and historic fortresses.

7. Photographic records, consisting of about 3,000 photographs:

A)  Kefalonia before earthquake

B) Earthquake of 1953

C) Eminent people from Kefalonia abroad.

D) Historical persons whose activity is associated with Kefalonia

E) Photo architectural material

F) Photographs of valuable ecclesiastical icons and temples

8. Artwork. Sculpted temples. Church utensils, icons etc.

9. Coins.

10.TEXTILES. Special library that refers to female and male clothing from 16th to 19th century. Testimonies from documents that provide information on the name of various clothing and decorative elements such as lace variety etc.

11. Musical instruments.

12. Historical documentation of navigation and commerce.

13. Informational Library of 700 books published in Greek and foreign language.

14. Hall of Charokopos with icons.

15. Hall of collection of Francis and Stephen Vallianos with donated pictures, figurines, original books with tables Lea, Cartwright.


Address: Elias Zervos 12 28100, Argostoli

Telephone Museum: 26710 28835, Secretariat: 26710 22583, Library: 26710 28221Fax: 26710 28835

E-mail: [email protected]



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