The village Mavrata is located in the southeastern Kefalonia, in the region of Elios – Proni. In Mavrata, you will meet charming houses, whitewashed courtyards with flower gardens and churches of exceptional architecture. Their inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, cultivating olives and vines, but also with shipping.

Tradition says that originally the name of the village was Lamprata. Eventually, however, fell on the village fatal illness and shortly after, a wreck led to the death its many sailors, causing many women to move dressed in black. A foreign visitor, just hearing that the village called Lamprata, exclaimed, “But here is Mavrata”! Since then, the somewhat ominous Mavrata stayed in the beautiful village of Kefalonia.

During the Second World War, in 1941, open to Mavrata sank the English submarine Perseus, when crossed over from Italian mine. Since the wreck, was a sole survivor, which is extremely rare for such accidents. The Englishman stoker John Capes, managed to escape from the submerged submarine to go to the coast of Kefalonia and with the help of rebels from Kefalonia escape to Africa.

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