Melissa Likoudis

The patisserie-bakery Melissa Likoudis is open since 1990 in the central market of Argostoli.

In our store you will find many products of our production offering 12 kinds of bread with the most famous traditionally baked country bread , a great variety of sweet and savory pies, croissants, bagels, traditional brioche, petit fours, cakes, toasts and crackers in various types.

In our refrigerators you will find sweet cakes, pastries, wrapped treats, fruit tarts, ice cream, syrup pans such as galaktoboureko, baklava, our traditional amygdalopites all handmade in our workshop.

In Melissa Likoudis patisserie-bakery you will also find the traditional products of Kefalonia such as mantola, mantolato, pasteli, pastokydono and variety of traditional wines and local honey.

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