Men’s Club Barbershop

The Men’s Club Barbershop in beautiful Argostoli, Kefalonia is a place for men only and it is located right behind the post office. Here the old meets the modern and you will have the chance to experience the traditional barbershop with innovative services that meet the needs of the modern man, providing full care and grooming.

A haircut is just a haircut, right? Wrong! At the Men’s Club Barbershop, a haircut is a ritual, a nostalgic experience that takes you back to another era, when men gathered in the barbershop on the corner to discuss everything from business, sports, to current events. At the Men’s Club Barbershop you will enjoy a classic haircut or something more modern, complete with a warm hair wash and a relaxing massage! Our services include hair dyeing and beard grooming.

Now in Men’s Club Barbershop you can find amazing products against hair loss, products that are number one in America. The innovative technologies involved offer real solutions to make use of your natural hair, causing a revolution in the science of hair care products and offering hope and confidence to men and women around the world. Finally, you can find also other brands in our shop.

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