The grill house Pan Nic is situated in a brand new space, on the central square Vallianos, in Argostoli of Kefalonia. Here, our delicious barbecue, combined with the hospitable environment, offer our guests the comfort and intimacy required for them to fully enjoy their meal.

In Pan Nic, which is a traditional grill house, embellished with touches of a modern steak house, all tastes are satisfied. Among our dishes you will find everything roasted in a unique way: chops, burgers, steaks and more, while the handmade skewers (the traditional souvlakia) of Pan Nic are unforgettable!

If, again, you are after something more modern, then our delicious burgers, cooked with the freshest ingredients, will satisfy your requirements. For those seeking something more simple, then at Pan Nic you will find our famous pizza, which, after you taste it, you will not stop talking about it!

Combine our food with the traditional local wine of Kefalonia, while enjoying a high quality meal, made with the simplest ingredients.

Pan Nic offers also delivery services from 12:30 at noon until one o’clock in the morning for the entire Argostoli.

Finally, at Pan Nic you can organize celebrations, events, parties, etc., in collaboration with the management, for unforgettable evenings with good food at Kefalonia!

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