Photo shop Petratos

In the late 19th century Benedict Petratos, one of the leading photographers of his time, opened his first shop in Argostoli, Kefalonia. Since then the family name would become associated with the art of photography. With a unique aesthetic perception the photographic lens of Petratos family captures everything, from historical events of great importance to simple everyday scenes, turning the moment into eternity.

Today, the Photo shop Petratos continues this long tradition, combining the experience and knowledge of many decades with the most modern technology. Our guiding principle is the respect of the customer and our cooperation with them in order to accurately understand their needs and provide a qualitative result.

Furthermore we offer a wide variety of products and services from established, traditional creations up to completely modern, original ideas. Our ultimate goal in Photo shop Petratos, is the imprint of unique moments characterized by two elements: perfect aesthetic effect and resilience in time.

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