Rifi, from erifio …which means kid, as its name then, Rifi is a small farming village of Kefalonia. It has about 60 permanent residents and is located in the northwest of the peninsula Palliki. The main occupation of the residents in Rifi is of course livestock, and agricultural crops, such as the olive and grapes.

Traditional houses in Kefalonia, which has survived by the earthquake of 1953, when it was destroyed a large part of the island, you can see even today in Rifi. They stand out between the small houses with their roofs tile and small groomed yards. In Rifi, the main church is St. Nicholas.

The great painter Panagis Gavrielatos from Kefalonia (1915-2011) came from Rifi of Palliki. Today, in the village, you can visit the museum that houses samples of his work. Paintings of Gavrielatos now adorn the Ministry of Education, the Municipal Gallery of Patra, Piraeus Municipality, Paliki, the Philological Association of Parnassus and others.

From Rifi, you can visit the Monastery Kipouraion and Petani beach, with crystal clear waters and spectacular sunsets.

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