At south of Kefalonia, just half a mile from the shores of Leivatho there is the islet “Zeus”. The small church of Panagia Vlacherna or “Virgin Diotissa” is located at the top of the rock. A narrow staircase carved into the rock leads believers to church to celebrate each year on July 2nd. Ruins of an ancient temple which was dedicated to Zeus are also located here. In the 19th century there was here a great monastery which was dedicated to Our Lady, but it was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1953. During the turbulent period of British rule in Kefalonia, the island was used as a place of exile for dissidents. Every year on July 2nd, the small island is full of people. Small boats that depart from Pessada deliver the believers and the icon of the Virgin of the Monastery of the Crucified on the island, where the liturgy takes place.

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