Agia Marina

In the south of Sapienza, and more precisely between Sapienza and Schiza, there is the picturesque islet of Agia Marina Agia Mariani. Historically, the island is referred as Prasino (meaning Green) in the written instructions of the Order of the Knights of Ioannina towards the negotiator with the Greek government, in 1823.

Agia Marina together with Sapienza were used as “Quarantine” by the Venetians. Their choice was based on the excellent climate of the islands, but also on their proximity to Methoni. The island has dense low vegetation, like the other islands, and at its highest point, near pines and olive trees, the small chapel of Agia Marina is visible. The region was, obviously, named after the small church. Today, next to the church, the ruins of an older small temple still remain intact.

During the celebration of Agia Marina, on July 17, many small boats drop anchor at the small jetty that is made of cement, at the beach, in the east side. All pilgrims participate with piety in the liturgy.

Apart from the beach near this small pier, the coast of the island of Agia Marina is rocky and deepens smoothly. Diving around this small islet is an unforgettable experience, since here impressive reefs are formed, hosting various species of fish.

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