Messinia - Nature

  • Venetiko

    Venetiko is a small desert island on the southern edge of Messenia, opposite the Cape Akritas, where you can admire the preserved ruins of some Byzantine buildings.

  • Two Brothers

    The Two Brothers are two rocky islets in the southern part of the island of Sapienza. Within six nautical miles there is also the "well of Inousses" with 5,121 m depth.

  • Tsichli-Baba

    The islet Tsichli Baba is opposite Pilos, at the southern Sfakteria, where the erected monument to the French fallen sailors in the Battle of Navarino is placed.

  • The ope of Methoni

    The ope of Methoni, the sea area between it and the island of Sapienza, is under protection thanks to the natural environment, but also for the shipwrecks under the sea.

  • Sfaktiria

    The Islet Sfaktiria extends across the entire opening of the Bay of Navarino. Due to its location, it was the place where several big battles from antiquity until the Greek revolution were held.

  • Schiza

    Schiza is the largest island of Inousses and it is located opposite Finikounta. Nowadays, it used as a firing range by the Air Force.

  • Polylimnio

    Polylimnio is near the village of Charavgi and is situated 32 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata.

  • Islet Meropi

    The islet Meropi lies opposite to the port of Kardamyli. The location also includes ruins of Venetian fortress and the church of Agios Nicolaos.

  • Gorge of Viros

    Gorge of Viros in western Taygetos offers breathtaking routes in firs, pines, cedars, walnut trees and cypresses.

  • Gorge of Rintomo

    The gorge of Rintomo starts from the ridges of the Taygetos from Neraidovouna at 2031 meters and ends at the shore of Santova in the Messinian Bay.

  • Gorge of Fonea

    The gorge of Fonea or of Noupanti starts from the monastery of Vaidenitsa in Western Mani and ends at the beach of Fonea in the Messinian Bay with length of 6750m.

  • Gialova Lagoon

    The Gialova lagoon is one of the most important wetlands in Europe, with hundreds of migratory birds stopping there in spring and in autumn.

  • Cave of Nestor

    The mythical Cave of Nestor is located at the base of Palaeokastro in northern part of the Bay of Navarino. The access is easy and the view outstanding.

  • Cave of Lycurgus

    Cave of Lycurgus is located in Messnian Mani in Doloi. The entrance is accessible only for speleologists and it requires proper equipment.

  • Agia Marina

    Agia Marina is a small island between Sapienza and Schiza. It is uninhabited. A chapel which celebrates on July 17 is built there.

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