Agios Andreas of Loga

The Byzantine church of Agios Andreas of Loga is located on the beach of the settlement Loga and that’s why it took this name.

Agios Andreas of Loga was a three-aisled basilica church in its initial phase, which dates back to the early Middle Byzantine period (9th-10th cent.). It was refitted as a domed temple, among the largest churches in the Peloponnese during the 10th and 11th centuries.

More recently, the monument has undergone many arbitrary interventions that altered its interior and exterior form.

The church of Agios Andreas of Logas is located near the temple of Apollo of Korythos where an earlier research showed the existence of an early Christian basilica church.

There was probably an organized settlement in village Loga at the foot of Mounaint Lykodimos in the middle of Byzantine period. This fact is based not only on Agios Andreas of Loga, but also on the presence of a temple of the same period, dedicated to Saint Antonios, just outside the village.

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