Agios Nikon

Τhe hilly village of Agios Nikon combines mountain with sea as it is located on the western slope of Mountain Taygetos offering endless view over the blue water of the Messinian bay and it is twenty minutes away from sea. The last bastion of Western Mani on the natural border between Messenian and Laconian land is an ideal base for visiting famous destinations in the region, such as Kardamyli and Stoupa.

Although its story is over 200 years, Agios Nikon originally had a Slavic name, Poliana, meaning open area, flat place and apparently it is related to the geomorphology of the area, which was used as pasturage before it was inhabited. It was renamed in 1929 in honor of Agios Nikon, who according to tradition, lived in a cave to the east of the village and was active preacher of Christianity in the late 10th century.

In Agios Nikon you can find not only the picturesque chapels and traditional houses with friendly inhabitants but also monuments, the historical churches of Transfiguration, Assumption, Three Hierarchs and the Holy Monastery of Saints Peter and Paul.

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