The village Ammos is located on Messinian valley near the center of the prefecture and is 14 kilometers away from the capital city of Kalamata. The houses are built on the western slope of ridge, bearing the name “Captain Rahi ‘and’ Trafos’, probably by an anagram of the ancient word “tafros”. It borders the village Aspropoulia to the east, Alonia to the north,  the extending plain  to the west, the bank of the river Pamisos to the east and Aris to the south.

The exact foundation date of Ammos is not known, but it probably took place ​​between 1204 and 1460. The surrounding area had not been inhabited before the Frankish rule (1204) due to the marshes that retained water during summer. In Venetian documents of the 17th century, Ammos was mentioned bearing the name BaIiaga by the Turkish military commander, feudal lord Bali Aga. The name remained for about 470 years until 1927 when it was renamed to Ammos.

The name refers to the soil composition of the village and its properties, where the sand is redundant because of the valley. The landscape of Ammos is green with cultivable areas.

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