Alonia is one of the most traditional and untouched by tourism settlements of Samothrace. Even so, there are some tourist accommodation available for visitors who choose to discover the interior of the island of Cabeiri. Alonia is a rural village and its coast has a fishing port.
Located about 5 km from the port of Kamariotissa , Alonia is just three kilometers southwest from Chora, the capital of the island. The small houses of the village, that are home to approximately 250 residents, have slated roofs and are completely integrated into the unspoiled environment that surrounds them.
Very close to Alonia lies the military camp of Samothrace, and the area around the village is home to one of the most important monasteries: the Monastery of Agios Athanasios of Alonia, a dependency of the Monastery Iviron on Mount Athos. The church celebrates on January 18, when it is visited by all the residents of Aloni and of the other villages  of the island.

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