Ancient Lefktra

Ancient Lefktra was built between the current location of the settlements Lefktro and Stoupa, in west Mani. The findings and the tomb that date from the Mycenaean period and were found at the foothills of Stoupa, demonstrate the continuity of the historical life of the city, which was the bone of contention between Messenians and Laconians.

Second proof of the existence of the ancient city Lefktra is the perforated stone made pickaxe dating from the Early Helladic period that is exhibited at the Museum of Kalamata.

We have further information about Ancient Lefktra from Pausanias, who saw and recorded a wide number of sights. For instance, the historian writes about a stone made statue of Asclepius and Inous, a temple and a statue of Cassandra, which the inhabitants used to call Alexandra, figureheads of Apollo Karneus, a sacred statue of Athena on the citadel as well as a parkland and a temple dedicated to Eros.

Ancient Lefktra was probably named after the historical king of Messenia, Lefkippos.

Materials from the ancient citadel and the fortress of the ancient city Leuctra were used to build the neighboring settlements in modern times, which explains why today there are only a few surviving constructions from this period.

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