Ancient Source Klepsidra

Ancient Source Klepsidra is mentioned in the historical descriptionby the ancient traveler, Pausanias. It was located in Messinia and according to reports, it supplied with water the Fountain of Arsinoe of Ancient Messini.

Modern scholars identify the ancient Source Klepsidra with the fountain in the village Mavrommati.

According to Pausanias, when Kourites kidnapped infant Zeus saving him from the murderous wrath of his father Cronus, they handed him over to the local nymphs Ithomi and Neda. They bathed the infant in the source, whose name was Klepsidra reminding the kidnapping – the theft of the divine infant. It is also called Kalliroi, probably thanks to the good flow of water running from its openings.

Ancient Source Klepsidra had monumental dimensions, but its architectural parts belong to newer constructions. The excavations showed that it consisted of a large portico (about 6x12m.) whose part of the pillar and part of paved with plinths path can be seen till today. They built a newer concrete reservoir in place of the ancient one in the early 50’s. The ancient fountain also had a sanctuary, dedicated to Acheloos that was a deity of water.

The Ancient Source Klepsidra runs constantly since antiquity under a very old plane tree, hundred meters to the west of the square in Mavrommati and refreshes the locals and visitors.

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