Archaeological Museum of Pylos

The Archaeological Museum of Pylos was built in 1956 with the donation of the dentist Christos Antonopoulos; this is why it is also known as Antonopouleio. The initial aim of the museum was to house the rich collection of the French philhellene Rene Puaux, which consisted of documents, prints and memorabilia of the Struggle, which were finally exhibited in Tsiklitira House in Pylos. The Archaeological Museum of Pylos finally operated as an archaeological museum with findings from the surrounding area of Pylos, from the Middle Helladic to the Roman times.

In the Archaeological Museum of Pylos you will find offerings from the tomb of Voidokoilia and Koukounara. Pottery, jewelry, arrowheads, gold objects, reliefs of animals etc. Also, are hosted findings from Nisakouli of Methoni, Vlachopoulo, Tourliditda, Soulinari and Korifasio. Among the exhibits stand out the statues of the Dioscuri and the beautiful painted glass vessels.

The Archaeological Museum of Pylos is located in the city center and is accessible by road with direction to Methoni, on the right of the Square of Treis Navarchoi. You will see it on your right hand. It is open every day except for Monday, from 8:30 to 15:00.

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