Soulinari of Messinia is a new village that was designed and built at its current location in 1963. It isocated on the highway of Kalamata Pylos and is away from the two cities 35 and 16 km respectively. It is a transportation hub throughout as there is intersected the provincial road Soulinari – Kremmydia Koryfasio. It has a population of 370 inhabitants.

The old Soulinari, the birthplace of the population, is located 2.5 kilometers further south. The new Soulinari distinguishes for its street plan that gives the image of a modern village with perfect internal structure. Squares, streets, cemetery, gym etc. At the central square stands the church of Saint Sophia.

Soulinari has a market and shops that can serve your needs, as there you will find super market, bakery, cafes and taverns. It isamous for its wine and oil (agourolado) of Soulinari.

The village is also of archaeological interest. At “Trouliditsa”, 500 meters south, was found a Mycenaean tomb while the discoveries of the ancient settlement are located in the Archaeological Museum of Pylos. In addition, the name of the village is mentioned in Venetian lists of 1700.

During the Turkish occupation, the old Soulinari was the head village of the area.

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