Artistic Municipal School

The Artistic Municipal School of Kalamata is housed in a two-storey neoclassical building with tiled roofs built in 1890-1910 at the intersection of Navarinou and Riga Fereos streets. The building is one of the many neoclassical buildings along Navarinou street that stands there to remind us of the bygone glamor of the coastal road, when the port of Kalamata was full of life and the coast was not just a commercial, industrial and financial center, but also center of social life (luxury hotels and classy restaurants).

The Artistic Municipal School aims to introduce children and adults in the visual arts having classes of painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics and to create appropriate conditions for the development of artistic expression. Cultural events (street performances, rituals, structures in public places) and the exhibitions of the Artistic Municipal School bring the public in contact with the artistic creation.

The Artistic Municipal School, the Municipal School of Dance that is housed in Zoumpouleio Hall and the Cultural Center of the Municipality are some of the culture cores of the city in which many children and adults of Kalamata participate.

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