Avenue of Navarino

The coastal road of Kalamata, the Avenue of Navarino, is one of the busiest parts of the city, especially when the weather is nice. It extends to a length of about 4 km and is one of the most beautiful places in the city for a walk, bike ride and of course a cool dive. The avenue of Navarino has large sidewalks with palm trees across the beach.

The beach of Kalamata under the Avenue of Navarino, is one of the few in Greece, where someone can swim in the city center. It is paved with small pebbles, it has crystal clear waters, umbrellas and coffee houses during the summer months. Along the beach there are many restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts. The nightlife of Kalamata is based on Avenue of Navarino and is very intense.

Walking on the Avenue of Navarino you will find many exquisite neoclassical buildings, among which the one in the corner of Navarino and Byron streets, a two-storey  building of 1900s and one that houses the Municipal Artistic School (Navarino 8).

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