Beach of Almyros

The beach of Almyros is one of the most popular and crowded beaches of Kalamata. It is located 6 km to the east of Kalamata, just before the turn leading to Mani.

The beach of Almyros has white pebbles, sun beds and umbrellas and of course plenty of cafes and beach bars. It is ideal for water sports such as water skiing and wind surfing. It has also a beach volley court for lovers of the sport.

The scenery on the beach of Almyros is magical: the olive and palm trees that reach to the beach and are reflected on the blue waters and the imposing Taygetos. And on the background you can admire the city of Kalamata…

Almyros and the adjacent beach of Verga are the most important tourist resorts of Kalamata that every summer both locals and tourists, Greek and foreigners, visit them. At the beach of Almyros there are plenty of tourist accommodation for every taste and every budget.

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