Messinia - Beaches

  • Zaga beach

    Zaga beach starts south of the Castle of Koroni and extends along for many meters. It is sandy, organized and lively with many shops on the coast.

  • Voidokilia

    Voidokilia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but also in Europe. It is located next to the Lagoon of Yalova, 10 kilometers from Pylos.

  • Tsapi

    Tsapi beach is remote, disorganized, but more than beautiful. It is located between Finikouda and Koroni, 7 km from the main road to the south.

  • Romanos beach

    Romanos beach is located near the homonymous village of Messinia, is large with fine sand. It is organized at many parts. It is under the protection of NATURA.

  • Petrohori beach

    Petrochori beach is located between Voidokilia and Romanos beach. It is long, sandy, while at some places in the sea there are cliffs.

  • Methoni beach

    Methoni beach inside the settlement is sandy and shallow. From there you can enjoy your swim overlooking the Castle of Methoni and opposite it Sapientza.

  • Ligonammos

    Ligonammos beach is located in te east of Finikouda in the small picturesque bay behind a hill. It is ideal for families due to the smooth deepening.

  • Gargarou beach

    Gargarou beach is about 10 minutes from Koroni. It is a small and naroow beach with shallow and crystal clear waters.

  • Finikouda beach

    In the center of Finikouda with the picturesque harbor of the village, you will find the main beach of the area. It has clean, warm waters without any great depth.

  • Chrysi Akti

    Chrysi Akti – Divari beach is located in the northern part of the bay of Navarino, which it separates from the lagoon of Gialova. It is a protected area.

  • Beach Vrachakia

    The Beach Vrachakia in Messinia is located three kilometers away from Petalidi.

  • Beach Tzane

    The beach Tzane is 27 kilometers away from Kalamata.

  • Beach of Verga

    The beach of Verga, 5 km away from the city of Kalamata at east, is one of the most popular and crowded beaches.

  • Beach of Velika

    The beach of Velika is sandy and is 20 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata.

  • Beach of Stoupa

    The beach of Stoupa is the second busiest beach in western Mani after Kalogria . It is located almost next to it, right in front of the main street of the village of Stoupa .

  • Beach of Santova

    The beach of Santova is 12 km away from the city of Kalamata to the east and is preferred by young people because of the many available beach bars.

  • Beach of Petalidi

    The beach of Petalidi is 15 km away from Messini.

  • Beach of Mikri Mantinia

    The beach of Mikri Mantinia is just 10 kilometers away from Kalamata. It has white pebbles, Blue Flag and a lifeguard.

  • Beach of Kitries

    The beach of Kitries, 12 km away from Kalamata to Mani, is small, quiet with pebbles. It is known for its green waters and fish restaurants.

  • Beach of Kalogria

    The beach of Kalogria in western Mani is the most famous, the most crowded and the most "organized" beach. It is Ideal for young couples and families.

  • Beach of Kalamata

    The beach of Kalamata in the city is suitable for swimming, and has been awarded with a blue flag. It has warm and calm waters, ideal for families.

  • Beach of Kalamaki

    The small beach of Kalamaki that is located to the south of Koroni is known for the rusty ship that has moored in its shallow turquoise waters.

  • Beach of Foneas

    The beach of Foneas is the most favorite of the less known beaches of Western Mani, as it is well “hidden ” at the end of a path between the trees. It is untouched by tourism, basically unorganized (with only one canteen with tables during the summer months) and it has white pebbles and turquoise waters. The characteristic of beach of Foneas is a large rock separating it into two parts and offers natural shade. The most flexible … and the adventurous visitors can climb and dive from there into the deep waters.

  • Beach of Episkopi

    The beach of Episkopi is a quiet beach located 37 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata.

  • Beach of Chranoi

    The Beach of Chranoi is 22 kilometers away from Messini

  • Beach of Bouka

    The beach of Bouka is the most organized beach of the Messinian Bay.

  • Beach of Anemomilos

    Anemomylos beach or Charoupia, or Mavrovouni, is the huge beach west of Foinikouda, which has made the surrounding area so well known and popular.

  • Beach of Analipsi

    The beach of Analipsi is located 16 kilometers away from Kalamata.

  • Beach of Almyros

    The Beach of Almyros is located just six kilometers away from Kalamata and is one of the most popular and crowded beaches.

  • Beach of Agios Andreas

    The Beach of Agios Andreas near the village Logga, is 27 km away from Messinia.

  • Beach in Kitries

    The beach in Kitries, 12 km away from Kalamata to Mani, is small, quiet with pebbles. It is known for its green waters and fish restaurants.

  • Beach Delphinia

    The beach Delphinia after Kardamyli is among the most famous of Western Mani. It has fine sand and pebbles and the water is deep and blue.

  • Loutsa beach

    Loutsa beach is 1.5 kilometers away from Finikouda on the road to Koroni. It has been awarded with the Blue Flag. It has a camping of 70 spaces.

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