Beach of Kalamata

One of the most beautiful spots in the city of Kalamata is the beach. The beach of Kalamata extends to 2.5 km and you can get there even on foot from the city center and enjoy a swim.

Along the avenue of Navarino, with large sidewalks and palm trees, the beach of Kalamata, which has been awarded with Blue Flag is paved with small pebbles. It deepens smoothly and thanks to its location in the center of the closed Messinian Bay it has warm and quiet waters.

There are choices for all tastes on the beach of Kalamata. You will find the many cafes, bakeries, restaurants and taverns. Access is free and it is organized with facilities and services (umbrellas, sunbeds, cabins), where, apart from swimming, there is the opportunity for water sports. Meanwhile, the seashore in Kalamata has lifeguards for safer swimming.

The easternmost part of the beach of Kalamata is considered the best for swimming and that’s why it is the most crowded. Here the beach is very wide and free.

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