Beach of Kalogria

The beach of Kalogria is the most famous, the most crowded and the most organized beach in Western Mani. In the summer, especially on weekends, it is full of people. Greeks and foreigners fill the beautiful coast, which is covered with white sand. Feature of the beach of Kalogria is the blue, shallow, but cold waters with underwater water sources by Taygetos to keep it always clean.

The beach of Kalogria has umbrellas and loungers, beach volley court, bars, restaurants, water sports, bike and canoe. It is ideal for young people and families with small children.

If you can stay on the beach of Kalogria until late afternoon, you will see the sun setting in front of you, in the water, one of the best sunsets in Greece.

On the beach of Kalogria, Nikos Kazantzakis lived for two years (1917-1918) with the legendary hero of his novel “Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas”. In 1917 Kazantzakis bought the lignite mine of Prastova, just above the beach of Kalogria and made Zorbas as foreman. At the northern end of the coastline there is the house where the author lived with Zorbas while at the southern end, near the beach there is the “cave of Kazantzakis”, where he found refuge for reading and writing. You can visit the cave either swimming or by boat.

The beach of Kalogria is located 40 km away from Kalamata  and 6.5 km away from Kardamyli .

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