Beach of Stoupa

The beach of Stoupa is the second busiest beach in western Mani after Kalogria . It is located almost next to it, right in front of the main street of the village of Stoupa .

The beach of Stoupa is also called “Miami” of Mani with turquoise waters, fine golden sand, countless umbrellas and sun beds and people come and go endlessly. Despite the crowds, the waters of the beach of Stoupa are always clear, and underground rivers which start from Taygetos subsea flow here and recycle them endlessly. It is worth to have your mask to explore the beauty of the seabed.

The beach of Stoupa is ideal for families and people who avoid isolation. Next to the sea there are many bars, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, hotels and supermarkets.

Apart from maritime beauties in the beach of Stoupa, you can enjoy the glorious sunset, which is amazing from all points of the area. The beach of Stoupa is 41 km away from Kalamata  and 7.5 km from Kardamyli .

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