Castle of Koroni

The Castle of Koroni is one of the most famous castles of Greece, on the southeast coast of the prefecture of Messenia. It dominates above the present town of Koroni, on the hilltop and it is the only castle in Greece that continues to be inhabited until today.

It was built during the Byzantine period, yet the exact date remains unknown, where the ancient city of Assini used to be.

The castle of Koroni in the form we see it today, is a typical example of Venetian defensive fortification architecture.

The main entrance, the gate of the Castle of Koroni, is formed on a large square construction, which stands out from afar. The top of the lower part ends in a pointed arch. At the highest point, where there was a room for the guard of the gate, a curved bow is formed.

At the time of its prosperity, the Castle of Koroni a propylon existed before the entrance, which was maintained until the Greek Revolution, with pilasters, right and left, and above the entrance there was an embossed with the Lion of St. Mark. Immediately after, there was an inner courtyard opening, which led to the gate.

From the moment you enter the castle, you will be able to see fields and houses on your left hand. If you keep going left at the first alley, you will head to gate B, which leads to the beach and to the large plateau in your right hand. You should definitely make a stop there to admire the breathtaking view: the whole Messenian Bay and the peaks of the Mount Taygetus covered with snow at your feet!

Inside the castle of Koroni and on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo and a Christian basilica, it was built the Byzantine church of Agia Sophia, while nearby you will find the church of Agios Charalambos that was originally a Catholic church dedicated to Saint Rocco, then turned into an Ottoman mosque and later in an orthodox temple. It is worth visiting the monastery of John the Baptist.

In the shadow of the castle of Koroni, from the exit after the cemetery, you will find the church of Eleistra, patron saint of the city, which was built in 1900.

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