Koroni of Kefalonia is located near the small village Thiramonas and in the largest village Lourdata, in the southern part of the island. This is an open bay, which in its depth has a sizable long sandy beach. The sand is very fine and “golden” and its waters blue and ideal for swimming.

It is considered one of the most “unknown” beaches of Kefalonia, although its access is easy by car that you can download as down, just before the beach. Koroni is organized with sun beds and parasols, and a small canteen that offers you the necessary. The tranquility and quiet of visitors is assured, as the idyllic setting in Koroni is disturbed almost never…

If you stay here till late afternoon, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular sunset, the sea is mauve and sand orange as the sun disappears into the sea. In Koroni, was used to lay its eggs the Caretta – Caretta (Caretta – Caretta), a rare turtle of Mediterranean. This phenomenon has disappeared in recent years, mainly due to the changes in the subsurface of the area that now “throw out” it.

Koroni at a glance:

• Sandy

• Water for swimming

• Sun beds

• Parasols

• Canteen

• Tranquility and quiet

• Beautiful sunset

• Access by car

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