Chomatero is a village in the prefecture of Messinia, in the eastern part of the province of Pylia, three kilometers west of Koroni.

In Chomatero settled after the Greek Revolution families that came from almost all Alonistaina of Arcadia. According to the census of 1890, Chomatero had 134 inhabitants and around then was built the church of Saint Dionysios, the central church of the village. According to the tradition, the residents wanted to name their church Saint Paraskevi as the one in their village of Alonistaina. However, as the then Mayor Dionysios Rallis helped in order for the church to be built, the church was named Saint Dionysios.

On the northwestern side of Chomatero and within 1500 meters of it, lies the Holy Monastery of the Assumption of Panagia Grivitsiani – Saints Theodores. To the southwest of Chomatero lies the old lignite mine of the area that started operating in 1916 and employed hundreds of local residents.

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