Chora is a beautiful little town built in the hinterland of Messinia, at the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese, and it has 5,500 inhabitants. It is mainly known for its ancient monuments. At a distance of 2-3 kilometers on the way to Pylos is located the Mycenaean palace of Nestor, one of the greatest archaeological sites throughout the Peloponnese. Eight hundred meters northeast of Chora is located Volimidia, where has been developed an important Mycenaean settlement and a large cemetery with 35 already thoroughly investigated vaulted graves.

In Chora during the Greek Revolution took place the Battle of Ligoudista (old name of Chora) on March 27, 1821, the first days after the beginning of the Revolution, which ended with the victory of the Greeks.

Chora is built on a low hill in front of the plain. It keeps its old look with the tiled roof houses and narrow streets. Olive trees, vines and vegetables compose the natural environment. The residents have rural and considerable commercial activity.

If you find yourselves in Chora you should definitely visit the archaeological museum, which far exceeds its local importance, due to the volume and nature of the findings contained therein. In its collections, there are artifacts from throughout the region, as well as movable findings from the palace of Nestor.

Among the sights of Chora belongs Kefalovryso with sources, pine and plane trees, which is located about one kilometer outside the village, on the road to Kalamata, and Agia Sotira with lots of water and green environment. Chora is near Romanos beach (11 km) and is 17 kilometers from Pylos and 48 kilometers from Kalamata.

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