Romanos beach

Romanos beach is located near the village of western Messinia. Locals call it also Glyfadaki. It is a long beach with views to the Ionian Sea and fine sand. In fact, they are many small beaches, one next to another. Romanos beach is visited by a lot of people during the summer months, while on it is built the largest hotel complex in the Mediterranean.

The first part of Romanos beach is organized with sun beds, parasols, beach cafes and bars, while above is a restaurant for those who would go hungry. The rest part of the beach is intact and more peaceful and is mostly preferred by families and those seeking tranquility.

It isocated about 2 kilometers north of Voidokoilia beach apart from the beautiful landscape, the sandy beaches and the blue waters, Romanos beach is popular for its abundance of small turtles visiting the beach to lay their eggs.

Romanos beach is located about 10 kilometers northwest of Pylos. Starting from Pylos, you pass Gialova, and after 2-3 kilometers you turn for the village of Romanos. After passing through the village, you follow the signs to the beach. You keep on 2 kilometers through olive groves and dunes and reaching the beach you turn left where you see the parking lot of the beach.

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