Comfy Boutique Hotel

Welcome to Comfy Boutique Hotel!!!

The hotel that was created exclusively for your personal pleasure and relaxation! Each room is decorated in its own distinctive and “comfy” way … Not two things are alike! The only thing they have in common is that all rooms are created to provide you with a warm and comfortable accomodation!

Comfy Boutique Hotel is a new arrival and it has already made an impact, flirting with the idea of being the new hotspot hotel of the town. Minimal decoration and austere architecture surround Comfy Boutique Hotel – the new city hotel of the city.

It is located at Kritis & Byronos streets and just five minutes away from the commercial center of Kalamata. Comfy Boutique Hotel has 17 rooms, 16 of which are practically arranged and one is a suite. Every room has a different decorative style and equipped with high standard services. A hotel that gives emphasis on providing services according to the visitor’s individual needs, offering comfortable and friendly accommodation and service.

Enjoy it!

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