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Kalamata may be the center of Messinia and one of the most beautiful coastal cities of the country, but the visitors of the region have a wide variety of choices available for their accommodation. There are plenty of resorts in Messinia and they all offer accommodation that will suit every requirement. The hotels available for the accommodation of Messinia's visitors are plenty and varied, depending on the area and how much you want to spend! Inside and around Kalamata, there are small or larger hotel units, with all the necessary amenities and facilities for their guests. It is a given that you will find large hotel complexes with modern facilities in all the major centers of Messinia: Pylos, Kyparissia, Methoni and Koroni are just a few of them. In areas such as Kardamili in West Mani, or in other coastal villages of the Messinian Gulf, you will find smaller hotels, which does not mean that they have to offer anything less in amenities and comforts for their guests. If for your holiday accommodation you prefer apartments for rent, you will find a plethora on offer in the most small touristic villages of Messinia, where there are also many rooms to let, if what you are looking for is something more economical, in a cozy environment, but with the same high standard of accommodation. The apartments in Messinia is an option of holiday accommodation that is gaining more and more "followers", who want to have at their disposal a fully organized space. However, in case luxury and privacy are your immediate priorities for your holiday accommodation, then in Messinia you will find a number of villas available for rent. Apart from the countless benefits, these type of accommodation offers you the chance to spend your holidays just like you wish to, without even having to move if you do not want!  
  • Villavia Apartments

    The Villavia Apartments consist of three traditional, fully equipped apartments with a view of the Messinian bay and the gorge of Rintomos.

  • Riza Kardamili

    The Riza Kardamili apartments for rent are waiting to accommodate you in Kardamili, Messinia!

  • Rex Hotel Kalamata

    The Rex Hotel is located in the commercial and historic center of Kalamata near the city hall and it operates all year round. Learn more here.

  • Pansion Voula

    At the Pansion Voula rooms to let in the historical Kardamyli enjoy comfortable and relaxing vacation!

  • Mezon Byros

    Mezon Byros apartments to rent is located at the picturesque and historical village of Kardamyli in Messinian Mani and offers memorable vacation!

  • Messinian Bay Hotel

    Welcome to the Messinian Bay Hotel in Kalamata, one of the most beautiful cities of the Peloponnese.

  • Melitsina Village Hotel

    Enjoy unique relaxing moments in the luxurious Melitsina Village Hotel in Kardamili, Messinia, and live a summer dream!

  • Kalogria Beach Hotel

    Visit Kalogria Beach Hotel and experience relaxing vacation a=under the sound of the waves, anytime of the year.

  • Hotel Galaxy

    Galaxy Hotel in the center of Kalamata, offers comfortable and fully equipped rooms for guests looking for service at good prices.

  • Horizon Blu

    Enjoy a luxurious stay at Horizun Blu Hotel in the beach of Kamalata in Messinia

  • Elite City Resort

    The Hotel Elite City Resort is a luxurious complex with a view of the Messinian Bay, offering services according to the visitor's individual needs.

  • Comfy Boutique Hotel

    Comfy Boutique Hotel in Kalamata is the hotel that was created exclusively for your personal pleasure and relaxation!

  • Cardamili Beach

    Cardamili Beach Hotelis located in the town of Kardamyli and is ideal for you who want to relax in a beautiful environment and enjoy the Greek hospitality.

  • Byzantio Hotel

    Byzantio Hotel lies in the heart of the commercial center of Kalamata. Learn more here about what will make your stay with us unforgettable!

  • Belvedere Hotel

    The Belvedere Hotel in Verga, Kalamata, is a natural attraction. It will offer you the most memorable vacations and unique moments of relaxation.

  • Anaxo Resort

    Visit the Anaxo Resort hotel in the Riglia area of Mani (Messinia) and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious holiday

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