Cultural Center of Kalamata

The Cultural Center of Kalamata is located on Aristomenous street, downtown. It is a neoclassical building of early 20th century, in which a new part was added in 1990, a modern building with glass surfaces. From the old building we only have the western facade and the south side.

The history of the Cultural Center of Kalamata starts in 1910, when Regina Pantazopoulou from Kalamata buys land on Aristomenous street and reconstructs a building in order to house the charitable institution. On 15 January 1912 the Pantazopouleio Popular School opens its doors with the first lecture for the public of the city and a number of events.

In 1935 in the building of the Cultural Center of Kalamata the Polular Library also opens its gates. The function of the Popular School was stopped during the Second World War, when the classrooms were used either as judge court or as a hospital. After the war, it reiterated its function, but the lack of resources has brought the institution in a difficult situation. In 1968 the Cultural Center of Kalamata was founded in the premises of the Popular School.

In the premises of the Cultural Center of Kalamata there are currently the two libraries of the city: the Popular Library and the Public Central Library, the Gallery of Contemporary Greek Art, the Union Messenian Writers and the Greek Centre for Marine Research.

The hall of the auditorium (capacity of 400 people) is rented for the holding of events as well as the spaces on the ground floor.

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