Derezea Tower

Derezea Tower is located in the village Thalames on the road from Kardamyli to Itilo and it belongs to Eutichia Toumpou – Malama and to Panagiotis Malamas.

The Tower is classified as a historical monument and it is a remarkable construction of scientific and historical interest, absolutely important to the study of the architecture of the Towers in Mani that date from the 19th century.

Towers, such as Derezea Tower, are definitively established in Mani as the local defensive way during the period of the Ottoman rule, therefore their final form and shape serve to make the Towers important factors in preventing the invasions and attacks of the conquerors.

The Towers in Mani are buildings consisting of many floors, with their height reaching sometimes even 25 m. Only powerful and wealthy families could afford building Towers, while the height of each Tower house indicated and reflected the social status of the family that owned it as well as its importance and usefulness in the settlement.

At the village Thalames, apart from Derezea Tower you can also see Stavrianeas Tower as well as the residence of Levi, dating from 1856.

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