The village of Exochiko in Messinia is also known as Galleika. It is a semi mountainous village at an altitude of 300 meters southwest of Messinia. It is 53 kilometers from the capital, Kalamata, 17 km form Koroni and 7 km from the famous tourist resort of Pylos, Finikouda.

The first inhabitants of the village were Arcadians, coming from Roeino of Arcadia, which is close to the villages Alonistena and Chrysovitsi. They were exclusively engaged in farming and the reason of their establishment in southern Messenia was to secure food for their sheep. This had been happening during the winter months and for several years, until they permanently settled in the village.

Exochiko is known as an independent village since 1816, when, according to the French traveler Francois Pouguevill, it had 12 families. The original name was Valtouka. In 1956 it was renamed to Exochiko that is up today the official name. The name Galleika has prevailed, because the inhabitants -almost all of them- have the surname “French”. It is said that it is a nickname given to the residents because of a relationship they probably had with the French troops of General Maison.

The inhabitants of Exochiko occupy with traditional agricultural crops, the production of oil and raisins.

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