Hill range Ellinika

The hill range Ellinika stretches for one kilometer, almost in parallel to the road Kalamata -Tripoli, 11 kilometers to the northwest of the city. It presents an intense archaeological interest as the presence of surface findings and monuments showed continuous occupation and significance of the site since the middle of the 3rd millennium BC until almost modern times. Moreover, on the northernmost top of hill range Ellinika there is also the acropolis of ancient Thouria, another important city of classical times.

In long and narrow hill range Ellinika we found a total of 13 Mycenaean chambered tombs with excellent architecture and monumental dimensions. One of the most important tombs in the area is hegemonic vaulted Mycenaean tomb with burial chamber diameter of 10.30 meters detected 600 m to the west of the hill range. Although it was plundered in antiquity, the tomb of hill range Ellinika retained a number of archaeological evidence of both prehistoric and historical times of the history of Messinia. It is dated back to 1750-1400 BC.

Some of the most important Mycenaean findings in hill range Ellinika are three gold signet rings with embossed depictions that are in the Archaeological Museum of Messinia.

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