International Dance Center

The International Dance Center of Kalamata was founded in 1995 and since then it organizes among other things, the premier cultural event of the city, the International Dance Festival .

In the intervening years the International Dance Center of Kalamata can also present an important work that has serious prospects about its course and future of the institution. Its operation is based on three areas: research, education and artistic activities and creativity. The purpose of the International Dance Center is to support the promotion of contemporary dance creation.

Kalamata also has a municipal dance school in Zoumpouleio Hall with classes for amateurs and professionals and hundreds of children and adults from the city attend its lessons. The International Dance Center has made Kalamata a meeting place for dancers and it organizes exchanges between dance artists and students from Greece and abroad.

The International Dance Center is in creative collaboration with other music and visual arts organizations of the Public Benefit Company of the Municipality of Kalamata.

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