Islet Meropi

The beautiful islet Meropi in Kardamyli in front of the old customs office of the port and the watchtower Dimitreon, is a jewel of Messinia. It is located in the sea area in the bay of Kardamyli at the northeastern end of the Messinian Bay. It is 400 meters away from the port and 100 meters away from the rocky coast and has an area of ​​35 acres.

The islet Meropi is a green island where there are ruins of the Venetian walls. There is also the church of Agios Nicolaos that has been characterized as a historical monument. The church is single-aisled, vaulted and stone built. The date 1779 is written inside and is the estimated year of construction. There are cells, cistern and water tank around the temple of islet Meropi. The large two-storey stone house is attached to the temple. The external side of the building and Agios Nicolaos are part of the wall that surrounds the islet Meropi and dates back to the 18th century.

The islet Meropi is also called Amygdalonisos and you can get there by swimming!

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