Kapitsinou Tower

The Kapitsinou Tower is located at Lagada, a village on the highway of Gytheio – Kalamata. The access to the enclosure of the Tower is free, but in order to take permission you should first make a request to those who are in charge.

The Kapitsinou Tower has 5 floors and it was built in the 19th century. It constitutes a representative sample of a fortress used at wars, during the prerevolutionary period.

The distinguishing characteristic of the Tower is the austerity in its morphology, the main arched entrance and the military equipment.

The floors of the Tower are separated by two stone made arches in the third and last level and by three wooden floors in the other levels.

At the top of the Tower, there was a loft with tall parapet so that the warriors were protected. It is also remarkable the draft of a ship that has been designed in the south of the fourth level of the Tower.

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