Kaplani is located 12 kilometers from Koroni, on the Zarnaoura mountain range, in the southern prefecture of Messinia. The name Kaplani means feliformia, tiger or leopard in Turkish, and therefore war, brave, bloodthirsty man. Kaplani has views to the mountains of Lykodimos and Zarnaoura. Away from the tourist development, invites you all the seasons of the year to get to know it and relax in the shade of the plane trees of the central square. Near the village, at Vigla has been excavated a vaulted Mycenaean tomb.

Kaplani has a population of 75 inhabitants according to the 2011 census, engaged in traditional agricultural crops, production of oil and raisins. For the organization of migrants from the village, there are also the Diaspora Association of Kaplani and the Association of Kaplani, Messinia (Educational and Cultural Association of kaplani, Messinia). The churches in Kaplani are dedicated to Prophet Elijah and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Kaplani celebrates in July to honor the Prophet Elijah and on August 16 each year for the annual meeting – feast at the village square.

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