Kobi is a small picturesque village with few inhabitants built among “liofta”, as the locals call the olive trees, 7 kilometers north of Koroni. Most village houses are old, built with earth and tiles, materials made and baked by the residents with their hands.

The name Kobi that the village is given, probably comes from the legend that the residents were preparing knotted ropes and rope ladders to attack the Turkish occupied Castle of Koroni.

The residents of Kobi were famous potters, were making tzares, clay jars for oil and food.

A bit outside Kobi, following the enchanting road to the beach, passing through olive trees you will find the Peroulia beach with the golden sand and the crystal clear sea. A “small paradise” say the tourists that have been coming here every summer for many years.

The area has been touristically developed without discords. There are several houses to rent and restaurants that worth to choose for your summer vacation.

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