Koutala(or Koutalas) is located at the foot of western Taygetos and today is a suburb of Kalamata. It is located to the north of the city behind a hill in order not to be seen by pirates from the sea.

Today the route to Koutala from Kalamata is an asphalted road, which passes through the area of ​​the Prophet Elias.

In the settlement of Koutala you have to visit the church of Saint Charalampos which is in a cave and was an old hermitage of once flourishing Monastery of Prophet Elias. Inside this church you will see frescoes of the 17th century. A big feast is organized on February 10th, the day of Saint Charalampos, and many believers are gathered from Kalamata and the surrounding villages of Messinia.

Koutala also includes the church of Agios Nikitas and the church of the Holy Trinity. In Koutala there is an active cultural association that was recently moved to the old stone primary school of the village, after it was renovated.

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