The village Milioti belongs to the municipality of Messini and is 27 kilometers away from the city of Kalamata. It is located near the village of Hatzi and about 80 residents live there. Milioti is a gorgeous, picturesque mountainous village built on a hill at an altitude of 400 meters and has a view to the Messinian Bay.

You should visit the church of Saint Ioannis the Theologian, built above the source of Milioti which still has water. In the village you will see paved neighborhoods, plane trees and the traditional and beautiful stone path of 800 meters that connects the country road with the source.

if the visitor reaches to Milioti, he must visit the chapel of Saint Dimitrios, built in the forest, surrounded by oaks.

You will admire the spectacular view to the Messinian bay and natural port of Pylos from the chapel of Prophet Elias, also known as Margelovouni, which is built on top of the mountain and is located at north of the village.

Milioti also has the Folklore Museum which includes tools, costumes, old books, household utensils of the past 150 years.

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