Chatzis is one of the biggest villages in the municipality of Messini. The village is built at an altitude of 390 meters and has a population of about 750 inhabitants.

Chatzis is 20 km away from Pylos and 17 km away from Chora and Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, is 33 km away.

The attractions of the area include Polylimnio, a unique natural area in Greece with lakes, waterfalls and springs that reminds an exotic oasis. tThe gorge of Polylimnio is near Chatzis and is quite passable for hikers.

The village Chatzis also includes the settlement Mataraga at the foot of green mountain Magklava.

The river Pamisos passes near Chatzis and by following the dirt road and asking the locals, you can get in another paradise with crystal clear water, big plane trees and lush vegetation on its banks.

The area of Chatzis near River Pamisos, which crosses the Messinian Plain, is a great place for rest, recreation and relaxation as it remains untouched by the negative impact of mass tourism.

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