Monastery Karaveli

Opposite to the village Petrovouni in Sotirianika in western Mani there is the Monastery Karaveli, which occupies a strategic hill, dominating across the plain of Kardamyli. The monastery is built around 14th century and is known in the area as “Karaveli” because according to tradition, the oil gathered from its property could fill a boat.

The Monastery Karaveli is a building with important defensive characteristics, such as fortified enclosure and the protruding cage with two embrasures, where one was turned to the entrance of the monastery and the catholic and the other one to the path. The building bearing the war cage known as “ontas” and coincides with the abbot room. In its current form – the result of several building phases and changes – this character is not quite apparent.

The church in the monastery Karaveli, as well as in monastery of Vaidenitsa is outside the enclosure and is dedicated to the Assumption. It is one aisle, vaulted basilica with a dome, which is of particular interest in its decoration with blinds arcs, winged heads, geometric patterns and other reliefs.

During the Ottoman rule the monastery Karaveli was also a secret school and after 1821 a convent of nuns.

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