Monastery of Prophet Elias

Τhe Monastery of Prophet Elias is located about seven kilometers away from the capital of Messinia to the south of village Koutala offering view across Kalamata at the foot of the western Taygetos.

Even if it is not an active monastery, the aisled cross-shaped church of the Monastery of Prophet Elias dedicated to Prophet Elias and built in the 17th century, still stands there.

Papaflessas was a monk  at the Monastery of Prophet Elias in the years before the revolution of 1821 and the area was a base and refuge for the fighters of the liberation struggle. As the pharmacist Or. Chrysospathis mentions in his work “History of Old Kalamata” (1936) “the Greek weapons were blessed there” at the Monastery of Prophet Elias.

For locals the Monastery of Prophet Elias has been identified the use of cells – built in the mid 19th century and after the closure of the monastery – with a place of hospitality of indigent tuberculars and psychiatric institution “Prophet Elias”, which has now been relocated to Kalamata.

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